Interior inspiration: #1 with Stephanie Meyer

At ‘Let us host Ibiza’ we try to help you make your house as appealing as possible so future guests will choose your house over the ones of your competitor. With strong competition we always advise our clients to create something special, something with a personal touch. It is all about making your house stand out from the rest.

So how do you make your house stand out from the rest? You might think, I don’t have the money, or simply don’t want to spent a lot of cash to freshen up the house, to give it a different look, that extra something.

Well, let me introduce you to Stephanie Meyer, a dear friend of mine and one of the most talented people I know when it comes to decorating and updating houses.

‘No need for huge budgets to make your house look nicer’, Stephanie says. Of course, the bigger the budget, the bigger the possibilities but why spent more if only a few minor adjustments can make that difference!?

Stephanie knows exactly what she wants for a house she is decorating and to ensure she gets the best deal possible she shops around, markets, outlet stores, the internet and even Ebay and auctions. Having accompanied her to the shops before I know she loves a bargain.

When buying furniture or interior decorations she always knows exactly where she will place the item in the house. She says a lot of people make the mistake buying things they love and then try to find a home for them. This way you end up accumulating a lot of things you love that end up in a corner or cupboard because they don’t really work anywhere. What you really should be doing is identifying where it lacks something special, then shop specifically with that space or area in mind. Make sure the space does the item justice and the other way around. This way something very small can make a huge impact.

 Her way of working is exactly what we want to share with people, that it really doesn’t have to cost lots of money to add the wow factor to your property – to make it special. According to Stephanie some little adjustments, a touch of paint and a good plan can make all the difference.


I remember very well how I accidentally had broken one of the tea cups she had recently bought. ‘No worries’, my partner said. ‘I know exactly where to buy her a new one’. She had seen them for € 22,00 at a shop here on the island. Honestly, I was in shock over the price but since I broke it we went and got her a replacement. Not being on the island that week Stephanie found out through her husband we had replaced the cup with the new one and that we paid €22,00 for it. (yes € 22,00 for ONE cup!) He too was in shock about the price, especially since she had bought 28 of them!! Needless to say she was in for a firm phone call from him asking if she’d lost her mind..

Her response to his call was: are you mad??!! I would never pay that much money for a cup!!! She had bought the exact same cups (after a good discussion on the price) for only € 4,65 at the 100% IBIZA shop.

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