14 Tips & Learnings for building a house on Ibiza

Last week we had Igor Beuker telling his story about how he acquired his house on Ibiza and the way he finished his Finca 2.0 with style. He also shared his learnings and tips for building a house on Ibiza which are very handy for the ones that want to follow a similar path.

Igor Beuker’s learnings and tips for building a house on Ibiza

1. Work with the best. Don’t be pennywise but pound-foolish. Looking for a proper building plot at a great location will take time. Find the best architect on the island and let him help you to get you all the licenses you need. Spend time with your architect to design your dream house.

2. If you buy an existing finca or villa that needs reformation, check the possibilities and licenses before you buy!

3. With your architect pitch 3 experienced construction companies. Make sure to brief them well and demand on time and on budget proposals and work. Draft a contract that makes all crystal clear.

4. Investigate your infrastructure which is crucial. Can you get a water well on your land? Is electricity possible, how long will it take and what are the costs? Add solar and generator, and make sure your settings are sufficient and advanced.

5. Implement A/C for very hot summers and floor heating for warm and happy feet in humid winters.

6. If you are not on the island all the time, get a guy or girl you can trust on site. He or she will be your eyes and ears during the rebuild and for maintenance. Property management is key. If your Spanish is not great, make sure he or she speaks your native language. Communications is key!

7. Budget very well upfront. Include your architect in this process; he has done this 100 times before. Get a skilled interior designer that matches your style! Bohemian hippy chic or Zen style, find the right interior designer that gets your dreams and ideas.

8. Budget and design your garden, this can be tricky and more expensive than expected. After 5 containers of trees and plants my gardens still looked very empty. I needed a lot of extra budget for my gardens. Make sure to irrigate smart, no water means your garden will turn into a desert soon.

9. If you create your own designed couches or loungers, work with standard sizes. Expensive cushions and covers might one day need to be replaced temporarily by matrasses and covers.

10. Create a light, audio and video plan. In-wall speakers and tv without visible wires are to be designed in a plan before you start. Include high-speed internet and wi-fi in and around your house.

11. Work with high quality material. Cheap stuff is mostly short term.

12. After the build things will go wrong or stuff will not function properly. It always happens. Are you insured and do you have appropriate guarantees and a SLA  (service level agreement) with your builder?

13. Maintenance is key. A house is never done. Garden, pool, installations, pumps, the house itself, they  will all need attention every year.


14. Budget your yearly maintenance upfront. Cable or satellite, insurance, electricity bills, diesel for your generator, water by truck if your well gets stuck, painting each winter, unforeseen costs etc.

Enjoy your querencia! See more photos of Igor’s Can Canto Ibiza.


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